Winter 2021


The New Breed

Meet The New Breed of Supermodels

Hurlingham Polo is the luxury lifestyle brand from the true home of polo. Embracing all that makes us original and unique, our designs represent the fusion of polo, art and fashion that is inherent in our brand.

As a tribute to the skills, courage and style of both horses and riders in this famously tough, fast and furious sport, our new stable of equine supermodels features four stellar polo ponies from the strings of our acclaimed brand ambassadors.

We have already been introduced to Basil and Chekhov; it’s time to meet Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a 12-year-old mare, belonging to Canadian polo player Fred Mannix, of the world-famous Alegria Polo Team.

“Elizabeth is a real beauty. She is extremely athletic and flexible, she flies like a hummingbird! A super polo pony, but it also extremely feminine – a true lady in every sense of the word.”

As a world-renowned polo player, and Global Brand Ambassador for Hurlingham Polo, Fred knows what makes a winning polo pony.

Elizabeth wears our scarlet mid-down asymmetric jacket and iconic cape scarf. The jacket is lightweight with fully stitched baffles, providing warmth and protection without extra bulk, making it the perfect outerwear piece to fight back against the elements.

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The Hurlingham Polo Association are the British governing body of Polo in the UK and around the globe. Hurlingham Polo are the official clothing brand born from this very institution, who wrote the rules of Polo back in 1875. As a clothing brand inspired by the Polo lifestyle, Hurlingham Polo has since created a design philosophy which views its heritage though a modern lens.


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