An Historic Double Win for England At the Westchester Cup

International Day took place this Saturday 28th July at The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club. The Flannels England Men’s Team stormed to victory over the US to take the historic Westchester Cup. The Flannels Ladies Team, including Hurlingham’s very own brand ambassador Nina Clarkin, followed suit, securing a superb double win against the Rest of the World The World Team.

As the official clothing brand of the Hurlingham Polo Association, Hurlingham Polo 1875 were proud sponsors of the day, having kitted the Men’s and Ladies’ teams out with bespoke shirts that were especially designed for the day.

And what a glorious day it was! A resplendent display of everything that is quintessentially British, including the weather, which proved to be a little breezy to say the least!  The Westchester Cup is steeped in history having begun over 100 years ago and the weight of history hung heavy in the air when at 3pm the Flannels England Team which included James Beim, Ollie Cudmore, James Harper and Tommy Beresford took to the field accompanied by The Scots Guard Band. The team went into the game very confident after their win as part of the El Remanso game at the Gold Cup final only a week previously; Tommy Beresford joined the winning team.

Due to a handicap, the England team began the match with a 1 goal advantage but this didn’t stop the US team as they surprised the crowd when they scored  a perfectly played first goal to level out the score. This didn’t last long however as Ollie Cudmore followed up with the first goal for England, putting the Flannel’s team ahead. Along with the wind, the pace of the England team picked up from this point on and they dominated the rest of the game, despite the turbulent weather. An impressive performance from the England team saw them sail to victory with a final score of 12-6 to the Flannels England Team.

James Beim received the award for the Most Valuable Player and his pony, ‘Salsita’ that played in both the first and fifth chukka, received the award for the Best Playing Pony blanket. The team were delighted with the result and have already accepted the invitation from the USA for the next International Day which will be on American turf in 2019. So come on England! 

The Ladies were next to take to the field, led by world number one, and our very own Brand Ambassador, Nina Clarkin. Nina took charge of proceeding by securing England’s first goal. This set the precedent for the game and heading  into halftime England led 4-1. As the team got stuck into the second half they came back even stronger, the pace was relentless and the ROW side were powerless to catch up. The final score was 8-2 to England which was received with jubilant celebrations by the crowd.

The historic Westchester Cup didn’t fail to disappoint from the pomp and ceremony of the day to the thrilling pace of Polo.

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