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AW21 Collection: Our Inspiration


As we approach the launch of our AW21 Collection, we take a look at the inspiration behind the design and development of the clothing.

There is increasingly a fluid evolution of urban style, activewear and traditional craftsmanship embracing diverse cultural influences in a more liberal and rebellious way. Boundaries are blurred between luxe, performance and casual styles.

Youth consumers are redefining luxury. Appealing to this younger generation means keeping current, yet maintaining integrity. As we develop our coming clothing collections, we are using our history to create authentic pieces which speak to the new luxe shopper.

We have 150 years of history enabling us to study the style of life around our brand from different eras and use authentic detailing to recreate future history. 1875 is the year The Hurlingham Polo Association wrote the rules of the sport of polo, our style derives from this era and transfigures into other creative forms always keeping the genesis.

Extreme weather pieces are adapted and styled to suit city streets and can even be styled over and under elegant traditional pieces. Feeling protected and well equipped for urban living is of upmost importance. Technical jackets, quilted layers, utility pockets and belted equestrian harnesses are incorporated into a unique look which can be interchangeable between city and field.

In our coming AW21 collection, an eclectic mix of femininity and power with calm and saturated tones, are presented throughout, teamed up with loose shapes, exaggerated silhouettes and translucent shine. Tradition meets style, where block coloured collage shapes are extended and re-arranged in rainwear teamed up with technical roll neck and utility graphic sweats.

The iconic crest scarf emerged in this collection with Victorian neck lines which connects the 1875 component with the futuristic inner metallic linings and illustrations applied in a form of celebrative spectacle. This is a true symbol of a jovial historical journey mixed with ‘retour du futur’.

The sport of polo defined our DNA and this sportive attitude is evident (showcased) as we team the collection with caps to add the final touch that creates a look that is true to our heritage at the same time as exuding attitude and confidence.

A relaxed yet refined approach of taste with an urban signature in mind, crafted beautifully together. We continue to study our details and progress our position by sustaining our excellence in quality.

Our collection reflects an aesthetic strong in character with a polite feel and approach, an understated confidence to knowledge and taste.

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