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Brand Ambassador: Fred Mannix


At sixteen years old, Fred Mannix became a member of Team Canada and was one of the youngest polo players to compete in the 2001 Federation of International Polo (FIP) World Championship in Australia.
Now thirty-three and captain of the Algeria Polo Team – Canada’s only high-goal polo franchise – Fred is the first Canadian in 78 years to have competed in the coveted Argentine Triple Crown (2012-16) – the sport’s most exclusive and respected tournaments, and only the second in 124 years to have competed in the prestigious Argentine Open.

Mannix is an accomplished 7-goal player in North America (C.V. Whitney Cup, East Coast Open, and USPA Gold Cup Champion), and an 8-goal player internationally (Argentine Open Finalist, Coronation Cup and Queen’s Cup Champion). Not only is Mannix the highest-ranked Canadian on the World Polo Tour (rated 22nd overall), but Fred is also the Hurlingham Polo Association’s premier Global Brand Ambassador.


“My father introduced me to polo. He used to play at the El Dorado Polo Club in California, which had a peewee league. I started playing when I was eight years old and was fortunate enough to have players like Joe Barry, Steve Crowder, Arty Cameron and Corky Linfoot to advise me. The speed of the game and the lifestyle – playing with friends, spending time outdoors – got me hooked.”

“The first time I played in the UK was 2003, before I’d ever played in the Argentine Triple Crown. I played with one of my best friends, Ruki Baillieu, in the Coronation Cup. We practised at Black Bear’s Polo Club, which was very impressive. I remember also being very impressed with the number of specators at the tournament, and the very positive, electric atmosphere.”


As the Global Ambassador for Hurlingham Polo 1875, Fred describes himself as a ‘well dressed and clean-shaven’ man. “It’s important to look professional. I guess I think of myself as a conservative, with western flair! I’m quite comfortable in a suit and tie and cowboy boots.”


Speaking of the Hurlingham Polo Association, Fred exclaimed, “I’m honoured to represent them – the HPA is the spiritual home of polo – and I’m delighted to represent a brand with so much heritage and tradition. It’s a responsibility I’m glad to carry and I’m incredibly excited to support the Association.

“What really differentiates Hurlingham Polo 1875 from other brands is its heritage, tradition, and its authenticity. Other polo brands simply don’t have this. Polo, its British home and its international appeal will be highlighted in the brand’s imagery and messaging. The aim is to create an authentically global lifestyle brand.”