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Development Story: From Crest to Art

Development Story: From Crest to Art

Autumn 21 is the birth of our Signature Crest Scarf. As we write our history, we are developing our iconic Signature pieces. We have transformed the Hurlingham Polo Crest into a work of art, which compliments the Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection, resulting in a one of its kind stylish look.

A mix of tradition, art, luxury and craftsmanship layered on top of clean minimalist urban garments. This is the new British. We took our logo concept and crafted gradually through multiple hand drawings done by the artist, Simon Henshow, in very large scales.

The concept of the Hurlingham Polo Crest was designed as an expression, whilst keeping the elements very much grounded and realistic. Every element of the Crest was created to be instantly recognisable pieces of equipment for playing Polo. The Crest is a logo, carrying all the style, authenticity, weight, history and heritage of the Hurlingham Polo Association.

A modern take on a traditional heritage Crest which clearly illustrates our story, the sport of Polo and its British values and authority. Attention to detail within the artwork can be seen from the roached manes and braided tails of the Polo ponies to the Polo player’s mallet.

As we brought the Crest to life, every fragment of the drawing was carefully balanced by Simon taking his time to beautifully create the most spectacular iconic art form through traditional pencil lines and pointillism.

The illustration style allows us to explore lots of different colours options, Season on Season, reinventing the design from subtle and tractional to vivid and contemporary. Autumn/Winter 2021 uses a very rich and heritage palette, with muted shades which work well together for this season. This is a new form of an urban aristocratic look within rich, traditional art. The scarf/cape is an asexual garment presented with a plain navy back for a subtle look. The garment is a grand over the shoulder heavier art piece which also appears in a smaller size silk finish as a neck tie.

We have used a special unique finish in the colour not compromising with the micro brush appearance of the surface of the fabric at the same time containing a smooth exterior throughout the large scarf/cape this way creating a rich drape. We will continue to use these beautiful staple pillars throughout our journey which we are excited to share with you.

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