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Meet The New Breed


A striking stable of equine supermodels took front and centre stage in our latest brand campaign, wearing our stylish apparel and featuring in a series of elegantly framed, hand painted personal portraits.

All famed for being stellar polo ponies, they were specially selected from the stables of Hurlingham Polo’s acclaimed brand ambassadors, some of the world’s top players, as a tribute to the skills, courage and style of both horses and riders in this famously tough, fast and furious ‘sport of kings’.

Featured models include ‘Basil’, the favourite mount of the world’s number one female polo player, Nina Clarkin, and ‘Elizabeth’ owned by the legendary Canadian polo maestro, Fred Mannix.

They’re joined by ‘Chekhov’ and the cheekily named ‘Sex’, ponies from the string of Gold Cup winner, and famously stylish, Charlie Hanbury.

The images reflect the culture and style of polo, bringing together British traditions in sport, art –Stubbs, Reynolds and Gainsborough – and classic fashion – ‘le style anglais’.

As a brand, we wanted to fully embrace all that makes Hurlingham Polo original and unique, and wanted a visual execution that encompassed the fusion of polo, art and fashion that is inherent in our brand, as well as the pioneering spirit of our heritage.

The challenge was to create something relevant, exciting and authentic, but that also showcased the new collections, but that could be created in the midst of the Covid-19 induced restrictions. And that also turned heads and was a little bit of fun, hinting at British eccentricity and humour.

We used the ponies and through traditional artistic techniques, created this series of portraits as if we had just visited the National Portrait Gallery or a British stately home.

We love them, and they will take pride of place on our walls for years to come!

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