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Luke Wiles is without a doubt one of the most remarkable young polo players in the UK. Despite only being a teenager, Luke’s already earned a handicap of three goals.

Luke’s achievements don’t end there either. He was the first Englishman to win the Copa Potrillios, in 2017, playing for Indios Chapaleufu 2, and he’s represented the Young England team on several occasions.

Luke is well on his way to becoming one of the biggest superstars in the sport and we’re delighted to support him on his journey.


“Horse riding is in my blood – my whole family rides, so it was inevitable that I would too. I started to learn polo from the age of 6 at the Beaufort Polo Club with one of my best friends, Ed Walker, and we both went on to play pony club Polo for Beaufort.”

“From there, I worked my way up the junior levels and, when I was just 10 years old, I played my first adult game. I’m now a 3-goal player and want to keep developing my skills – I’m incredibly determined to improve both my handicap and my horses.”

“In terms of my biggest ambition, it’s definitely to play in the Argentine Open – it’d be an incredible experience.”

Luke Wiles Polo


“In the summer months I near enough spend every day at the yard, so you can usually find me wearing a pair of Training Jeans and a T-shirt. In the winter, when the cold weather sets in, I wrap myself up with a Hurlingham hoodie and a Blouson Jacket.”

“When I need to look a bit smarter in an evening, I tend to wear a pair of Stretch Cotton Chinos and a Slim Fit Poplin Shirt – usually worn underneath the Tipped Collar Zip Neck Fleece.”


“I’m delighted to be working with Hurlingham Polo – I love the clothes and they really suit my style. It’s really exciting to work with a brand that has so much potential and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.”


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