England ladies take the win against USA at Cirencester

On 25th June 2017 the England ladies team beat the USA at Cirencester in the Kings Head Hotel
International Ladies Match with a fantastic win of 11 – 3 ½, in a very exciting 4 chukker match.

Nina Clarkin (Capt, 10), along with Tamara Fox (7), Heloise Wilson-Smith (5), Izzy McGregor (4) proudly lifted the winning cup whilst wearing their Hurlingham 1875 team kits, sponsored by Swarovski.

Nina Clarkin and Tamara Fox, two outstanding players, have been playing together for over 20 years. Seeing these two ladies, playing together in high spirits was a delight. In two weeks, however, the #SistersInMallets will be playing against each other in the high goal Ladies Polo Championships.

We wish the ladies the best of luck for the season ahead!

P.S. The England team were wearing Hurlingham 1875 team kits. You can create your own bespoke Polo Team Kits online with our 3D Kit Designer, where you can design your unique shirts and personalise names and sizes.

Many thanks to polopeopleplaces.com for providing these great pictures of the day.

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