Introducing Our Polo 150 Collection

“Anyone for Hockey on Horseback?”

1869. Aldershot.

A group of Army Officers stationed in the Hampshire town play a game of ‘Hockey on Horseback’ after one of the Officers read about a form of the game in ‘The Field’ magazine.

Believe it or not, but that game of Hockey on Horseback is credited as being the official birth of Polo in England – and it’s all thanks to a magazine article and a group of Officers who were looking for something fun to do…

From that one game, 150 years ago, the sport’s popularity spiked. In the years to follow, Polo Clubs popped up across the country, numerous teams were formed and the rules for the sport were written by the Hurlingham Polo Association in 1875 – six years after that monumental game in Aldershot.

Fast forward to 2019 and Polo has reached every corner of England. Thousands upon thousands of spectators now watch the game each summer, with players of the sport including members of the Royal Family.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Polo in England, Hurlingham Polo – the luxury lifestyle & clothing brand from the Hurlingham Polo Association – has created a unique collection that tips its cap to the incredible history of the sport whilst tapping into modern trends and styles.

Their new Polo 150 collection features a selection of pieces that have been designed to look almost vintage in style, using distressed versions of the classic Hurlingham Polo crest to emphasise the historic nature of this celebratory range. Every item in the collection also features a label emblazoned with the official Polo 150 Crest.

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