It’s all about the details


Built on almost 150 years of history, Hurlingham Polo is distinguished not only by our exceptional quality, but by a painstaking attention to detail.

Born from the Hurlingham Polo Association, Polo is in our DNA – it flows through and inspires us to create beautiful clothing reflective of the sport itself. Inspired by our heritage and the beauty of Polo, our collection presents a hybrid of classically British Polo style with a hint of modern/urban style. 

 It’s no surprise, that we value our heritage and our clothing is reflective of this. Our clothing is a true extension, and personal statement, of the Association that wrote the rules of the game back in 1875.

 Take our Hussar Jacket for instance. This unconstructed jacket takes its inspiration from the apparel worn in the late 19th century by the Hussars – one of the cavalry regiments who played Polo with the Maharajahs when the rules of the game were first established.

The jacket features details that reflect the brand’s military heritage, including large utility pockets and shoulder epaulettes.

Although subtle in style, details like these are hugely important. The history of Polo, and its deep-rooted connection to the military, is an incredible story and we wouldn’t be where we are today without it. Recognising this in our design details, is our way of respecting the past and keeping alive the story that transformed ‘Hockey on Horseback’ into a global phenomenon.

Even the finishing of our products is the result of a conscious decision to embrace, and take pride in, our identity, and we encourage you to do the same. Smaller elements of the Hussar Jacket; such as its branded horn buttons, embroidered H&Crown emblem and contrasting feature buttonholes might be missed at first glance, but we believe that they all add to the experience of wearing a piece of Hurlingham Polo clothing. As important as this level of authenticity and finishing is though, the quality of fabrics and materials used in the creation of garments is equally paramount.

With history that dates back to 1875, we know a thing or two about what the expression ‘built to last’ truly means and this echoes through into everything that we create.

Our featured Hussar Jacket has been crafted using luxurious cotton satin twill, with a hint of stretch for comfort and performance.


The end result is a timeless smart casual jacket that can be layered up or down, fits beautifully and is transeasonal in every sense of the word. The level of detail that’s gone into our Hussar Jacket isn’t exclusive to this piece though – you’ll find this across all of our garments.

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