Joyous win for Alegria as they beat La Dolfina in the Hurlingham Open Semi-Final

As one of the highlights in Alegria’s history, alongside with the victory of
Palermo’s semi final in 2013, this momentous victory is one to celebrate.

Over the weekend, Alegria won 10 goals to nine in overtime at the Hurlingham Open against La Dolfina, securing their place against Ellerstina in the final, which is to take place next weekend.

Our global ambassador Fred Mannix expressed in his interview with Polo Line, his surprise to have beaten La Dolfina as they are such a strong and competitive team. Whilst there’s no doubting La Dolfina are hard to beat, as the most successful team in the Argentine Open since its Establishment in 2000, Fred said La Dolfina simply didn’t have one of their best days, opening up the chance for Alegria to ‘cut them at the right moment’ and take the victory.

“We got to a tie towards the end of the game and in the last chucker we won a fault. Then el Sapo scored from 40 yards away… it was the glory.”

When coming up against La Dolfina, a team considered the best team of the last 20 years and probably even the best team in history there’s no doubting Alegria had prepared for a match that required a lot of concentration. In an interview, Alegria said they knew they had to take it one chucker at a time; they couldn’t have lost focus on the game. They claimed they needed to keep a strong defence and “keeping the marks at all time”. With a team like La Dolfina, if concentration is lost, within seconds they can score 3 goals and the game would be over.

“The most important thing was that we could keep up with the same rhythm thrust and putting pressure until the end.”

Now getting ready for the Final against La Ellerstina next Saturday, Alegria are gearing up to bring as much dedication as they do for every single game in the hope for a momentous victory. Alegria told us, a sample of their preparation includes watching videos to analyse tactics and techniques from the opposing team as well as their own to improve their game. Looking forward, Alegria are keeping a positive attitude despite it being a difficult game.

“We need to keep the same strength and determination and intensity we had against La Dolfina, knowing that they are a very strong team as well. It’s a final, and it’s always a tough one, but we will give our best.”

We at Hurlingham Polo 1875 would like to wish both teams, the very best of luck in the up and coming final.

PoloLine Interview with Fred Mannix: Watch interview

Photos Courtesy of: pabloramirezphotos

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