Introducing Bardhyl Latifi


We sat down with new Creative Director, Bart Latifi, to look back on his career to date and discuss his plans for the future


I was fortunate enough to start my career at Burberry, right after graduating from university. It was an incredible place to launch my career at and I learned a great deal there.

I have subsequently worked with a number of high end brands, designing products for; Hugo Boss, Napapijri, Nautica, Vans, Eastpak and Henri Lloyd – where I was the menswear Senior Designer for five years.

In these roles, I’ve been able to create several collections whilst expanding my knowledge of lifestyle and technical garments.

Why Hurlingham Polo?

I believe that Hurlingham Polo is a brand that should have existed a very long time ago – it’s incredibly authentic and has so much British heritage behind it, I was surprised to learn just how rich the history of the brand is.

The brand truly supports Polo too – unlike many others that have simply adopted, and tapped into, the glamour & excitement of the sport.

Simon’s passion and excitement about the products was incredible to see too – I’ve never seen a CEO with so much enthusiasm before.

Initial Thoughts

It’s been amazing to work alongside a team who are so enthusiastic and driven. The canvas of the brand is so pure too, there are a wealth of colours on the side waiting to be used. Every story we tell will encapsulate the authenticity and history of Hurlingham Polo, so I’m really excited for what the future holds.


Art has no competition; we create our collection with love and craftsmanship regardless of competition.

As the world is evolving, and the style of life around us is changing, we are adapting and bringing our unique way of looking at things.


We’ll be looking at social and artistic movements of the world, rather than fashion trends. 

We create style not trends – style is forever lasting.


Five Years Time

We have just started this journey, and my first collection will be AW20, but I’m eager to expand our beautiful story. 

We have a great team and we aim to be the best Polo brand out there very soon.

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