Candle Venture with Parks London


Hurlingham Polo and Parks London are delighted to announce that we have teamed up to create a brand new exclusive range of scented candles. Combining beautiful British styling with elegant and unique fragrance, you can get them online now at

Our new home fragrance set are the perfect pieces to add to your collection to take you through the last month of winter and into a flowery spring and summer! Whether you enjoy having fun in the sun or curling up in front of the fire on a cold winter night we have the perfect candle for you.

The look and feel of the site has been centred around improving your shopping experience whilst emphatically reflecting our core values. We are dedicated to continually improving and this launch has been a part of that evolution.

Our four scents are seasonal and each have their own unique notes: we have our “Manipur” scent with notes of freshly cut pomegranate as well as sweet afternotes of honey and amber, perfect for brightening up a crisp spring day.


Then we have our “Ellerston” scented candles, with strong sandalwood notes and sprinkled with Ylang Ylang essential oils giving it a slight fresh and floral odour as well as the powerful sandalwood.



Our “Curacao” scented candles are the perfect fragrance for a hot summers day, with strong notes of lime and basil along with undertones of mandarin this scent really does make you feel like you’re lying on the beaches of Curacao whilst in your own home.



Our 4th and final scent is “Palermo” which is one of our favourite smells, it is perfect for a cold winters night with hints of spiced vanilla and smoky undertones of tobacco and leather, this candle is great for all year round but is ideal for the festive season.

What you want to know:

The one wick candle has an average burn time of 45 or more hours compared to the three wicks which have a 32 hour or longer burn time. The three wick candles although having a shorter burn time have a quicker release time for the fragrance, this means that you can have your house smelling fragrant soon after lighting these candles, perfect if you have guests coming over at the last minute! They are also perfect for a dinner party with the added two wicks they cast plenty more light which is perfect for setting atmosphere.

Hurlingham Polo candles are made from 100% natural wax with the same quality wax all the way through and no core. This means that when the candle is burning down it will burn evenly and to the bottom of the wick, getting the best value for your money! We have two price points for the two seperate sizes of candle with the smaller 220g candles priced at £39.90 compared to the larger 3 wick 350g candles all priced at £49.90. Both very affordable for the quality. Keep an eye out for future products!

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