The Arena Polo Season is in Full Swing

With Winter finally here the sport of Arena Polo is in full flow.

In this seasons SUPA Polo we are following Bristol University Polo Team. A young team with a combined team handicap of 10 goals they will be one to watch in this years varsity games as well as the National University Championships held in February.

Their first Varsity game of the season came against nearby University of Exeter and prior to the main game saw two other games in the Novice and Intermediate sections. All the action was held at Druids Lodge Polo Club in Salisbury on November the 18th. The Team Lineups were as follows:


  1. Izzy McGregor (2)
  2. Lolly Stanhope-White (3)
  3. Robin Ormerod (5)

Total Team Handicap: 10 goals.


  1. Matias Bertola (2)
  2. Charlie Holley (3)
  3. Seb Hancock (5)

Total Team Handicap: 10 goals.


The first chukka kicked off with both teams eager to score the first goal, an attacking play by Bristol was intercepted by Exeter and then converted by Charlie Holley into a first great goal.

Exeter, being a team who know and play with one another frequently, linked up and made some stylish plays on the ball converting into early goals.

Although this was their first time playing as a team, Bristol were quick to put the pressure on with Robin Ormerod soon securing a 2 pointer to level up the chukka.

As this was only a 3 chukka match, everything was to play for and no time could be wasted. Bristol soon began to communicate and work well on the ball to allow Izzy and Lolly to score some tactical goals, but a couple of penalties saw Exeter coming into the lead by the end of the 2nd chukka.

The third chukka was fast and furious with both teams battling it out. Despite Bristol’s effort, Seb Hancock made a couple of great goals leaving the final score at 11-8 when the final bell went.

This was a fantastic game to watch, with many novice and intermediate teams supporting their Universities. It was great to see such a high standard of Polo being played at University level, which was a great example to all of those watching and learning to play.

Unfortunately the result wasn’t in Bristol’s favor but I’m sure they will bounce back.

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