The British Beach Polo Championships this weekend at Sandbanks

As the weekend of July 7th – 8th quickly approaches, we’re eagerly awaiting the events to kick off at the glamorous peninsula of Sandbanks.

This weekend holds the 10th anniversary of the British Beach Polo Championships UK, which includes a four team main competition, junior matches and international beach volleyball.

The matches are played in an enclosed sand arena, which often makes the game referred to as ‘Ice Hockey on Horse Back’. Due to the sand, the Polo ponies are able to accelerate and turn at much quicker speeds than on grass. The spectators, therefore, will witness first-hand the skill and horsemanship that the game of Polo offers.

Alongside the competition, there promises to be live DJs and a spectacular range of retail outlets. The setting of the Sandbanks British Polo Championships is one of the most exclusive in the UK and this weekend guarantees to bring the excitement and elegance of British Polo.

You can find out more and buy tickets at:

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