The Westchester Cup

Saturday 28th July 2018!

This major historical event, which was last won by England in 2013, is one of the most prestigious and remarkable events of the Polo season and epitomises our British heritage and the sports origins.

The game will be played this year on Saturday 28th July by the Flannels England team who will be wearing team kits designed in collaboration between Regents University students and Hurlingham Polo 1875.

The competition is the oldest international competition always played between the United States of America and England, the first game was held in 1886. This was shortly after the rules of the game were enforced by The Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA) in 1875, hence the name of our brand. To date the game has been played 17 times between the two countries and currently USA has won 10-7. The first game was played on American turf in Rhode Island where England won.

The Westchester Cup, also know as The International Day, is one of the high profile events of the summer calendar and attracts many people to come and watch the game – A similar high profile match called the Argentine Open, that was last played in November 2017 is estimated to have had 250 million viewers in over 103 countries, compared to only 8.7 million people that watched the FA Cup Final.

The cup itself was created by the famous Tiffany and Co and is always kept by the winners of the last game. The next game will also be held on the winners home ground, hence the location of this years tournament at The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club, England.

The team shortlisted to be playing on the day has been announced as follows;

James Harper (7)

James Beim (7)

Olly Cudmore (6)

Jack Richardson (7)

Mark Tomlinson (6)

Tomi Beresford (5)

So get on your best glad rags and prepare for a splendid afternoon of striking sportsmanship and spectacular on and off field style, designed by yours truly.

Get your outfits for the event here.

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