‘Young Guns’ Brand Ambassadors announced

We are pleased to announce the identity of eight young British polo players,
the ‘Young Guns’, as the brand ambassadors of Hurlingham Polo 1875.

In White: Milly Hine (1), Tamara Gibbons (8), Lorna Fleming (7), Jazz Stanhope-White (5) In Yellow: Hugo Taylor (1), Luke Wiles (8), Tommy Severn (7), Charlie Townsend (5)

Charlie Townsend, 16, Norwich

Hugo Taylor, 17, Cheshire

Lorna Fleming, 16, London 

Luke Wiles, 14, Wiltshire

Milly Hine, 16, London 

Tamara Gibbons, 17, Gloucester 

Tommy Severn, 18, London

Jazz Stanhope-White, 16, Salisbury

These young players respect the history of the game whilst being the future of British polo. The dedication and ambition that each young player demonstrates to make it to the top of the sport is nothing short of remarkable. 

Each sporting hero began as a dedicated young player using their passion for the sport to drive them into success. From the likes of female football star Kelly Smith to polo legend Adolfo Cambiaso, being a sporting hero requires the passion and dedication that these Young Guns demonstrate every day, making them ones to watch.

It is not only on-field, however, where these young players show their confidence and commitment to the sport, our Young Guns also embody the style and class of Hurlingham Polo 1875, making them ideal as our brand ambassadors.

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